Street Urchin

G 005 MKJ JK9

Humans keep eating Urchin's fish friends, so it's time to kill them all!

Climb walls and fall onto humans from as high up as you can, giving them a deadly stab as you drink their blood to rehydrate.

You can also find eight apples to help supercharge your needles with poison, helping you to kill the 16 humans even easier!

If you start to dry out (evident by smoke coming out of you), you can rehydrate in the fountain as well.

Not only are there custom textures, the music is 100% custom as well. It even sings the name of the town!

Explore and toy with your victims the first time around, then check out your time and try to speedrun. Can you beat five minutes?

Update: In the off chance you play but feel like you're doing something wrong, here's a video of me playing 🙂 

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